Improved temperature control

DireXtion’s new temperature module now also offers the possibility of setting alarm profiles and detecting and handling alarms independently of other systems. With this new feature, we meet our customers’ desire for more control over temperature monitoring within conditioned transport, so that, in addition to completeness and timeliness, they can also be ‘in control’ of transport conditions.

DireXtion has long had the ability to link temperature data from sensors to journeys and goods. From now on, alarms will be detected by DireXtion itself and actions can be set on them. The advantage is that when using multiple temperature providers, it is only necessary to configure the alarm definitions in one system, which considerably simplifies management and reduces the risk of incorrect alarm settings. In addition, DireXtion offers more possibilities than usual to define follow-up actions on an alarm. 

If an alarm is detected, interested parties can be informed via SMS, e-mail or pop-up messages within DireXtion. It is also possible to send a notification to the driver. However, DireXtion goes further than just informing. All goods and journeys that have been involved in an alarm are identified so that there is a conclusive registration up to parcel level. These characteristics can then be linked to business rules, for example whether or not goods can be delivered.

Another novelty is that DireXtion can monitor whether the correct starting conditions are met prior to the ride. If this is not the case, the driver (and/or others) will receive a notification about this.

The advantages:

  • Increased quality;
  • Reduced management burden;
  • Relationship between conditions and goods;
  • Direct insight for all stakeholders;
  • Registration and traceability.