New drivers app

VOICT introduces an updated version of DireXtion Mobile, the driver application that can be used in combination with DireXtion (TMS). The app can be downloaded for free from the Android Playstore.

DireXtion Mobile offers drivers a digital list of trips and support in loading a trip correctly, interacts with Google Maps for navigation and registers proof of delivery by placing a signature or registering a barcode scan. Entering exceptions in the process and taking photos is also supported. The app can be used for both linehaul and last-mile rides. The execution of the ride can be followed in real time in DireXtion’s TourMonitor.

Interaction with temperature sensors

DireXtion Mobile is optimized for interaction with temperature systems. Prior to driving, it checks the condition of the vehicle and reports whether the requirements are met. It also gives the driver insight into the current temperature and gives a warning if, during the journey, the temperature exceeds the permitted limits. Driver, QA and back office all have the same up-to-date information and can act accordingly.

Device management

The management burden of mobile devices is kept to a minimum with DireXtion Mobile. Unlike many other solutions, the device does not need to be registered in a management tool. The user downloads the app from the Playstore after which it installs itself. The user then only has to log in with the email address and password he received from the administrator of DireXtion. Rides can then be assigned to the user.


DireXtion Mobile has been developed cross-platform and will soon be available as an app for iOS so that users of iPhones can also use this app.