DireXtion CT

DireXtion CT is VOICT’s cloud based Control tower, build upon DireXtion TMS, which gives you insight in transportation movements, while the execution is done by several carriers. It brings you in control and saves money.
DireXtion CT is carrier independent and supports multiple shippers. It is offered to you as a Sofware as a Service (SaaS).

The Control Tower provides the following main functionalities:
• Order management and status of execution;
• Temperature control;
• Track & Trace of shipments, goods and vehicles;
• Deviation registering, detecting and alerting;
• Insight and control to all stakeholders;
• Contractmanagement and selfbilling

How it works

Carriers periodically send the information of the shipments to the DireXtion CT. This information can be send as a file over sFTP but preferably via a rest API. Carriers who do not have the possibility to send their status updates can use different apps to communicate with the DireXtion CT. This way we can guarantee that information can always be available in the DireXtion CT.

Track & Trace

In DireXtion CT the status of the shipment, the goods and optional the vehicles will be tracked. DireXtion CT can detect status changes, problem reports and other events. For each event an action can be triggered to
take adequate actions and inform stakeholders (whether it is a shipper, a carrier or a recipient).
This also applies to violations of the conditions in temperature conditioned transport. Every step in the chain can be informed when a deviation is detected so that corrective actions can be taken.


DireXtion CT also has the possibility to handle the financial agreements that are made with the carrier or shipper. Based on the actual execution an invoice can be created with self-billing taking into account e.g. extra costs on deviations.


With the DireXtion CT you can take control over and monitor the execution regardless of the carrier that is handling the order. The dependency between the system and the carrier is minimal and comes with great benefits.

Advantages compared to other systems

Below is a non-exhaustive list of why we believe that we
are your best choice:
• VOICT is involved and innovative. We have good references and an excellent track record;
• The software is continuously improved and provided with new functionality;
• The system has a modern architecture based on micro-services and is designed to work with other systems.