TomTom Traffic information

VOICT has provided the calculation of the forecast of arrival (ETA) in the DireXtion’s Trip Monitor module with the current traffic information from TomTom! Recipients are thus even better informed about the arrival time of the shipment, which will further increase customer satisfaction and increase the chance that goods can be delivered at first offer.

DireXtion’s TourMonitor module provides insight into the progress of the trips and calculates the forecast of the arrival for the next stop. This information is shared with all stakeholders. The forecast calculation has recently been improved and expanded. Both the method and the technique have been adapted to be able to process large amounts of data and calculations. In addition, current traffic information, such as traffic jams and road works, is included in the calculation.

At least every minute we receive a status update of the GPS position of all vehicles on the road. An algorithm is used to determine where the vehicle is, which stop is being handled or to which stop the driver is en route. Next, the forecast (or Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)) is calculated. In this calculation additional business rules and the actual traffic information are taken into account. As a result, recipients of the goods can be accurately informed with the aim of increasing the percentage of First Time Right. The higher the percentage of FTR, the lower the cost of repair and the more satisfied the recipient and the client. A win-win situation for recipients, carriers and shippers alike.

The current traffic information consists of the TomTom traffic information integrated in the xServer components of our partner PTV. The xServer components are an integral part of DireXtion and are hosted on VOICT’s servers.