Distribution management

Entering and managing orders. Distributing orders over depots and/or postal codes. Planning tours.

With DireXtion you are able to support complex distribution processes. Different distribution scenarios are supported side-by-side or integrated. Both 1-man and 2-man operation, B2B or B2C, whether or not distributed over multiple types of networks can be configured within the system. The choice can be made whether the last-mile is executed from a single hub or from regional hubs. In the latter case, the line-hauls between the different hubs are also supported. 

DireXtion supports all phases of the Plan-Do-Check-Act-circle.

Order management

Collect, enter and manage orders. Distributing orders across depots, fixed routes and/or postal code areas.


Sequence optimization within a route or full tour planning based on capacity. Supported with map material.

DireXtion supports different planning scenarios. Planning can be based on fixed journeys and/or postal code areas (or combinations thereof). Planning can also be based on weight and volume of the shipment taking into account the available amount of vehicles. All scenarios always take into account any time agreements that apply to the orders.

The planning algorithm and map material are provided by PTV’s xServer components and are fully integrated into DireXtion and hosted within our own private cloud.

Track & Trace

The execution of tours is visible on the map.
Exceptions in the transport process are shown.

DireXtion offers various possibilities to monitor goods, shipments and/or journeys. During the execution, the status is kept up to date and with every status change stakeholders can be informed by SMS or email, or certain actions are automatically executed by the system.

This way you will always have track on all events, you will get insight in the execution and you can share the progress of the execution with, for example, principals and/or receivers of the goods.


Full control over all goods movement in and between hubs. Inbound and outbound scans and storage registration.

DireXtion offers the possibility to register and possibly validate all transhipment moments of the goods.
Inbound and outbound scans, linehaul scans loaded and unloaded, goods (temporarily) stored in sections or conditioned rooms, loaded vehicles for the last-mile and registration of the goods upon delivery. At all these times a barcode scan can be recorded and an indication can be given whether the correct goods are being processed.

Loading errors are a thing of the past!

Scans can be recorded by the app for the logistics employee or the app for the driver. But also a registration of a scan by an external system via our public api is possible.