Control tower

Insight into all goods movements for all stakeholders. Monitoring of Completeness, Timeliness and Conditions.

Track & Trace of goods, shipments and rides.

DireXtion’s Controltower functionality gives you insight into all goods movements, whether it concerns transport that you carry out yourself or transport that is outsourced. The DireXtion Controltower not only provides insight but also the possibilities to alarm and make automated adjustments.

Information about trips and statuses of goods are provided by the mobile applications DireXtion Mobile (for the driver) or DireXtion Dispatch for wharehouse staff. Data can also be accessed from 3rd party systems of other carriers.

Track & Trace

DireXtion provides a total T&T overview for all stake-holders, whether they are principals, exporters or recipients, of the status of the goods or shipment and the conditions of the shipment, regardless of who is in charge of the execution.
Vehicles are visible on the map, ETA are calculated and shown and it is visible whether the execution is going according to plan. Including the temperature conditions that the shipment must comply with.

Deviations in the process can be registered and shared directly with all stakeholders. Based on events, automated actions can be configured.

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