Temperature monitoring

DireXtion’s Temperature module gives you insight into the transport conditions of your shipments. The complete temperature history of a journey, shipment, pallet or parcel can be called up with a single click thanks to full integration with DireXtion.

DireXtion can be connected to multiple temperature systems. This eliminates the need to consult different systems to check that your shipments have been transported under the right conditions. You can react quickly and adequately to alerts so that the quality of the products transported is guaranteed.

With DireXtion you are also fully in control for temperature monitoring!

Real-time insight into temperature progression

DireXtion offers real-time insight into the temperature progression of all your conditioned shipments. It records the temperature of all your vehicles or depots and triggers an alarm as soon as the limit values you have set are exceeded, regardless of which system is connected. This provides you and your customers with watertight proof that each shipment has been transported under the right conditions.

For the complete logistics chain

Stricter regulations on temperature registration, customers who want guarantees on transport conditions and discussions in the chain about liability. The pressure on shippers and transporters to measure the temperature throughout the logistics chain is increasing. DireXtion offers you the possibility to fully comply with the GDP regulations.

Link with rides and shipments

What makes the temperature module unique is the linking of data from one or more validated temperature recording systems to the information from the transport management system. The result is that you get real-time insight into the temperature progress per journey, shipment, pallet or parcel. If you extend the temperature registration system to all storage and transshipment centres, an undisturbed temperature registration throughout the entire chain is created.

Full accountability

Temperature registration alone is obviously not enough. If the temperature exceeds an upper or lower limit set by you, you want to be able to take immediate action to prevent worse calamities. In such cases, DireXtion will sound the alarm and show your employees the procedure they need to carry out. Each alarm and its follow-up is meticulously recorded so that it can be fully reproduced during an audit. Because the system also stores the calibration reports of each sensor and monitors the expiry of calibration periods, DireXtion allows you to be fully accountable at any time.

Proof of delivery

Not only can you benefit from the insight into the temperature progression, but also the receiver and the client. With DireXtion, a digital proof including a graph with the temperature history can be sent to all stakeholders immediately after delivery.


  • No data loggers read out manually
  • Multiple systems can be linked
  • Alarms apply to all connected systems
  • No errors during manual registration
  • No more searching which ride or shipment was driven by which vehicle
  • No more receipts with temperature on delivery
  • No alarm when the vehicle is not in use
  • Less labour-intensive and therefore cost-saving
  • Higher quality and reliability