Open Trip Model implemented

Within DireXtion CT, the Open Trip Model (OTM) is used for communication between systems. The OTM is an open standard, developed for and by the sector, without commercial interest. It is used for the exchange of status and order information and the submission of orders with third parties. We also use the OTM internally, as a translation between our own systems and services.

The advantage of a standard

A standard offers added value especially when many different and varying parties want to share data with each other. DireXtion CT is a platform that multiple customers and multiple carriers can use. It is therefore in our interest that it is easy for many different parties to connect and that is achieved with a good standard.


Real-time insight into the execution of transports is becoming increasingly important for logistics service providers and their customers. What is the status of my order, where is my cargo, when can my customer expect his order? DireXtion CT meets this need and the Open Trip Model helps to realize more transparency.

OpenTripModel is a simple, free, lightweight and easy-to-use data model, used to exchange real-time logistic trip data on the web.