DireXtion Dispatch

The successor to the DispatchLink app, the app for the warehouse worker, is called DireXtion Dispatch and has been released as a beta version and is available as an apk or from the Play Store.


DireXtion Dispatch offers various functions to support the floor and shipping process, such as:

  • Inbound and outbound scans
  • Storage of goods in sections
  • Consolidation of goods on temporary carriers
  • Loading and unloading line hauls
  • Loading of distribution tours

Link with temperature system

For the last-mile distribution and the line hauls, it was already possible to link temperature sensors to the tour. With the introduction of DireXtion Dispatch, the ability to link temperature sensors is further extended to all physical locations within the process. These can be depots, shipping floors, cold stores, etc. Based on the selected process step, DireXtion Dispatch will directly link the goods to the right group of sensors. In this way, the entire conditioned chain is registered and brought under control.