Coolblue uses DireXtion for the delivery of its products in the BeNeLux and the German border areas. Both the distribution to the distribution points and the fine distribution is supported. In addition, the communication about near-real-time delivery times to the consumer is also arranged.

Coolblue chose VOICT’s software after an extensive selection process. An important reason is the great ease of use with which the planner of CoolblueBezorgt can create routes. This is where DireXtion distinguishes itself from other systems, says Remco De Jong, head of delivery of CoolblueBezorgt. “Another important reason is the close integration with Logistics.ONE, with which we take care of the execution of the rides. VOICT thus delivers a complete system, which has already proven itself at other companies”.

Coolblue uses DireXtion to support its processes in the Netherlands, Belgium and the border region in Germany. The plan algorithm and in particular the time slot services are provided by Plotwise.