Alliance Healthcare

Alliance Healthcare is using DireXtion to increase its Operational Excellence with data-driven decisions, full Track & Trace on the KPIs of Completeness, Timeliness and Conditions of Carriage and the ability to communicate with recipients about the expected delivery time.

“On several levels this is going to help us. Not only do we offer a bit of extra service to our customers/end customers, we can also manage our own processes better. For example, lost containers can be traced back to the last scanning moment. At the moment of delivery, an electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) is created. This gives us insight into the total process of a shipment and allows us to accurately answer customers’ questions about their shipments at all times. Not only is this going to save us time, we’re also improving the quality of our processes,” said Alliance.

To provide insight into shipment conditions, all temperature sensors (Dyzle) are linked to DireXtion.