Cloud based Distribution Management System

Flexible, scalable and complete solution for managing, planning, executing and monitoring the distribution process with a focus on maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

All stake-holders always and everywhere informed about the status of the shipment! 

DireXtion offers you a complete package to support your distribution process and where everyone, including partners you work with, can have access to the same information.



Support both simple and complex distribution processes.


Goods can be distributed over different channels and networks. Whether it concerns 1-man operation or 2-man operation, B2B or B2C, Innight, Overnight or Sameday. All scenarios can be supported. Both separately and fully integrated.




Basic functionality, expandable with various add-ons

The basis consists of Order Management, Trip Planning, an app for the driver, Track & Trace of the trips and informing all stakeholders.

With the help of Add-ons, the functionality can be expanded with:

  • Temperature monitoring
    Alarmafhandeling en registratie tot op colli-niveau
  • Inhouse scanning
    Track & Trace of goods and storage. Supported with a mobile app for the logistics employees
  • Multi-hub support
    Depot division and linehauls
  • Omni-channel 
    Via multiple channels to a final destination
  • Route planning
    Planning based on volume, weight and available resources
  • Task planning
    Planning of services and tasks.
  • Interfaces
    Import, export and status webapi’s



Continuously development for the entire distribution process.

The complete cycle of Plan-Do-Check-Act of the distribution process is supported. Continuous further development and value is added with the help of an Agile development process.